Staff bio’s:

Sean Wendt

I am the founder and operator of Riptide Multisports,
LLC. I currently am the race director for all of our races,
as well as the Head Coach of the youth, junior, and elite triathlon teams and serves as an assistant coach
to the youth swim program.

Accomplishments include:

–       NCAA Swimming All American 1987,1988

–       30 + swimming national qualifiers in 20 year coaching career.

–       2 top 100 swimming times, several NAG top 16 times.

–       ASCA level 3 swimming coach and lifetime member.

–       USA Cycling certified coach.

–       Former Elite triathlete 1992-2002.

–       USA Triathlon level 2 coach.

–       Invited to be coach of the 2006 Doha, Qatar ITU World Cup.

–       USA Triathlons 13-23yo National Camp director 2005 and 2006.

–       Personal coach of 2 World Cup triathletes in 2006.

–       Personal coach of 1 World Cup duathlete 2006.

Michael Redman

I am currently a coach and assistant race director
for Riptide Multisports.

Accomplishments include:

–     Adult Age Group triathlete 1992 – present.
Honorable All American several years.

–       USA Triathlon level 2 coach.

–       Appointed to coaching staff of USA Triathlon
13-23yo National Camp in 2005 and 2006.

–       Served as Head Coach for Riptide Multisport Elite Mens ITU
team at 2006 Connecticut Continental Cup race.

Mike Sharkey

I am currently a World Cup level Duathlete. I work with the junior
(13-19yo) triathletes on running skills. I have just recently turned
my attention from being an elite triathlete to duathlon, and have
just received my elite duathlete license in 2006.

Accomplishments include:

–       NCAA Division 2 National Qualifier runner 2002.

–       1500 meter PR of 3:51.0

–       Race For The Cure 5k Overall Champion 2003.

–       Denver Running Of The Green 5k 2nd place overall 2003.

–       Member of the 2005 Age Group World Championship Triathlon Team.

–       Deer Trail 60mile Bike race category 3-4, 2nd place 2006.

–       Sioux Falls Half Marathon 2006 7th place overall, 1:13.51

–       Rattle Snake Duathlon 2006 overall champion.

–       Midwest Regional Duathlon Championship 2006 overall champion.

Cortino Garcia

I am currently a member of the Riptide Multisport Elite Mens ITU Team.
I am also the director of the Altitude Training and Performance Center
which offers many levels of discounts and sponsorships to the Riptide Multisports programs.

Accomplishments include:

–       Graduate Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition.

–       USA Triathlon level 2 coach.

–       Appointed to coaching staff of USA Triathlon 13-23yo National
Camp in 2005 and 2006.

–       2006 ITU Continental Cup participant in Ixtapa, MX and Bridgeport CT.

–       2006 XANGO Echo Triathlon 3rd place overall.

–       2005 Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon 1st overall.

–       2004 Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon 1st overall.


The road less traveled…

This journey may be more important than any medal, title or rank…this journey is the road to greatness. So don’t look back, don’t look around, just look ahead…the time is NOW. Take the risk to be great. If this were easy, everyone would do it. It’s the ones who take the risk of failure that ever experience the thrill of living life to it’s full extent in the pursuit of their dreams. Go for it and remember…